Water for the Prairies


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If the weather permits, we will head outside to explore how water is moved from the Rockies to local farms.

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Rain or shine we will challenge your students to move water in our classroom.



Students will explore how irrigation affected the history and development of southern Alberta and use their technical skills solve problems. 

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45

Written to complement the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum, Water for the Prairies looks at subjects as diverse as the use and conservation of a natural resource, the link between immigration and irrigation, and the economic role irrigation has played in southern Alberta. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

5.1.1 Value Canada’s physical geography and natural environment

  • Appreciate how the land sustains communities and the diverse ways that people have of living with the land.

5.1.2 Examine, critically, the physical geography of Canada

  • How do landforms, bodies of water and natural resources affect the quality of life in Canada?

5.1.3 Analyze how people in Canada interact with the environment

  • In what ways do natural resources and the physical geography of a region determine the establishment of communities?

  • How are natural resources used, exchanged and conserved in Canada?

5.2.1 Appreciate the complexity of identity in the Canadian context

  • Acknowledge the contributions made by diverse cultural groups to the evolution of Canada.