Victorian Schoolhouse in a Box


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Original readers

Compare your classroom texts to a 1899 Victorian Reader, a pre 1925 Public School Spelling, and a circa 1918 copy of Tom Brown's School Days.

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Dress the part

Women's and men's costumes are included to help get you into character.

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A class set of the game of graces and marbles are included to help you run a Victorian recess.

Flip through the teachers manual!



Pick this kit up from the Galt and take it back to your classroom! The kit contains everything you need to take your students back in time to a Victorian schoolhouse.

Length: Rent the box for one week      Cost: Free

The curriculum guide will show you how the box can be used to help grade two students explore how their own community has changed over time and help grade four students to explore how British institutions shaped Alberta’s heritage. The kit can also be used in any elementary classroom to explore continuity and change over time. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

2.2.7 Examine how the community being studied has changed by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • In what ways has our community changed over time?

4.2.1 Appreciate how an understanding of Alberta's history, people and stories contributes to their own sense of belonging and identity

  • Recognize British institutions and people as integral parts of Alberta's heritage.