Immigrant Voices


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Primary Sources

Work with numerous documents to learn about the Alampi family's immigration experience.

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Chinese Canadians

Learn about the discrimination Chinese Canadians faced in Lethbridge.



Using biographies, stories, photographs and other primary sources this program examines the experiences of people who came to southern Alberta. 

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45

Written to complement the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum, Immigrants Voices explores how various immigrant groups contributed to the identity of Lethbridge and southern Alberta. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

5.2.1 Appreciate the complexity of identity in the Canadian context

  • Recognize how an understanding of Canadian history and the stories of its peoples contributes to their sense of identity

  • Acknowledge the contributions made by diverse cultural groups to the evolution of Canada

.2.7 Examine, critically, how the North West Mounted Police shaped ways of life in Canada

  • What do stories of the North West Mounted Police tell us about the settlement and development of western and northern Canada?5.2.8 Examine, critically, ways of life of non-European immigrants

  • How do stories of Chinese immigrants (i.e., railway workers) contribute to an understanding of the development of Canada?5.2.9 Examine, critically, how European immigrants shaped ways of life in western Canada

  • How were European immigrants affected by pressures to conform in western Canada?