Great Citizens


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Student particpation

Sometimes a picture just isn't enough... using replica coustumes your students will help bring the great citizens of Lethbridge's past to life.



This program highlights some of the famous and not so famous people from southern Alberta who helped shape our community . It focuses on the characteristics that made these people great: hard work, courage, dedication, compassion, honesty and more.

Length: 75 minutes      Cost: $45 per class

This program looks at citizenship and what makes good, responsible citizens. This program is also designed to help students understand the concepts of time and chronology, and develop their historical thinking skills. Written to complement the ECS and Grade 1 curricula, this program is flexible enough to be suitable for all elementary grades. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

K.2.2 Students will value and respect significant people in their lives and appreciate the important contributions of individuals at home, at school and in the community

1.2.2 Students will analyze how their families and communities in the present are influence by events or people of the past